How does a Virtual Phone System work?

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A virtual business phone number is an entirely automated phone service that can be accessed remotely without an on-site telephone infrastructure. How does it work? You'll need to purchase a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) to start. When you do, your callers will dial the extension number of the person they want to talk to instead of having to dial your home or office number. The person you are calling may get called by a second phone if there is a lot of traffic or using a conference line or private line. In this case, your first call will answer and route back to your extension.

The big perk of business voip systems is that they can be accessed from just about anywhere. It isn't necessary for your employees to even be in the same location. Each team member will have a distinct extension number, and incoming calls will route to the team member's mobile device or landline. The virtual PBX provider takes care of all the routing. A virtual phone system can have several extensions. It can lead to confusion because the number appears to be the same as the extension you are calling. However, this number is only an automatic attendant and will take calls according to your business policy.

Working of a Virtual Phone System

Having a virtual phone system also gives you a ton of flexibility in customizing how you want things set up. Because there's no need for a physical line, you can set things up to reachable some employees by multiple numbers. For example, you might prefer to route calls to a mobile phone or home phone during the week but direct them to an office landline on the weekend.

The most significant selling point of virtual PBX systems is that they let you add as many extensions as you'd like, not just for employees but for clients and even customers. So, for example, if you offer a retail service and have a customer service department, you can add a dedicated extension for that department.

There's no limit to the extensions you can have with virtual PBX systems in your office. There are also plenty of other aspects available with your virtual business phone system that go beyond routing calls to specific employees or departments. For example, you'll likely be able to access voicemail remotely, and you may also be able to set up auto attendants and extensions to automate how your virtual phone system operates.

If you need a simple business phone system but don't want the commitment or expense of a complete on-site PBX, virtual PBX systems are an excellent option. With these systems, you'll have no trouble expanding your company's communications as needed.


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